Guidelines for professionals are now ready!

''Senior volunteering - Involving and activating seniors in local community'' - ''Let us be active!'' guidelines for professionals working with older people are now ready and are being distributed during the trainings and events in Pärnu, Riga and Turku. Also the organizations from the other cities of Estonia, Latvia and Finland are interested in the publication. The guidelines are the effect of consultations with the professionals and seniors and are based on the ''Let us be active!'' survey conducted in the three cities in autumn 2015. They are the result of the joint effort of the project partners and will be published in English, Estonian, Latvian and Finnish.

The aim of the publication is to guide the professional in organizing, managing and promoting volunteering of seniors. The wide spectrum of topics is covered: from seeing senior volunteering as an opportunity to create new activities for seniors to cooperation with NGOs for better impact.

The main target group of the guidelines are health care and social professionals working with seniors in Estonia, Latvia and Finland. Trainings and events will take place in each partner city to promote the senior volunteering and the ''Let us be active!'' approach to healthy and active ageing.

The guidelines in all four languages can be downloaded from here:

Guidelines in English

Guidelines in Estonian

Guidelines in Latvian

Guidelines in Finnish